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Grace Upon Grace

I gave my testimony at my youth group on Friday. My dad was teaching on two different types of testimonies. He taught that there are some people who have been saved out of a life of sin–that is, they lived a very worldly life far away from God and then received salvation by God’s grace, were washed clean and were able to begin a new transformed life. In comparison, there are other people have been saved from a life of sin–meaning that because they were saved at a fairly young age or generally were “good” (in a worldly sense), they didn’t necessarily have a drastic outward transformation nor were they ever seen as a “great sinner” that clearly needed saving. As a result they were saved from sin, in the sense that God in His grace kept them from going through some of the suffering that those who are saved out of sin had to go through.

God’s individual grace to me has kept me largely from a life of sin. He allowed me to be born to saved parents and hear the Gospel from a young age. I personally accepted Him as my Savior when I was only six and I made the decision to live a life based on Scriptural principles and dedicate my life to glorifying Him at fourteen. I am now twenty-two and I am still daily choosing to live for Him. And yet I am definitely so far from perfect and mess up a lot.

Being saved so young, the “worst” of my transgressions, at least in the worldly sense of grading sin, have taken place since I got saved. I am not planning on making a huge internet confession of all my transgressions, but know that I am a sinner and I have made many mistakes in my life. Thinking about this led me to reflect on John 1:16, “For from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace”, which then drove me to write this post.

God’s grace is sufficient. It was sufficient to save me. It has been sufficient for every sin I have committed ever since. Every single day He forgives me for all my sins and allows me to keep moving forward. On top of the grace that He gave me for Salvation, He provides grace to continually remove my sins from me and He provides grace to allow me to learn from all the mistakes I have made. And His grace is not just in regards to my sin. He provides grace to face every day, His grace allows me to receive rewards in heaven for the race I run on earth, His grace allows me to live a pleasant life here on earth.

When I think of my story I can see God’s grace abounding in my life. I have truly received grace upon grace.

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