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Review of Lauren Graham’s “Talking As Fast As I Can”

Rating: 5/5 Stars
I would recommend you read this book if: you like Gilmore Girls, if you like audiobooks I would recommend the audiobook specifically
Why I picked it up: I love Gilmore girls
Genre: Memoir
Published: 2016
Favorite Quote: “One thing I learned: starting off with very low standards is a surefire way to ensure they’ll be met.”

Lauren Graham shares what her life was like trying to make it as an actress, what it was like to be single when everyone else was getting married, what it was like to find love later in life, what it was like on Gilmore Girls and Parenthood and what it was like to write a book.

Recently I decided to try reading more non-fiction. To ease myself into it I decided to start with a memoir. Gilmore Girls is one of my favourite shows because I have often felt like I can relate to the characters in some small way and so I wanted to read about the actresses experiences being in the show. I got this one on Audible and so I particularly enjoyed the fact that it was narrated by Lauren Graham herself.

Being in a bit of a transition stage of life, I think this book touched me more deeply than it may have at any other stage, and so am perfectly willing to admit that I may not have given this book 5 stars if I had decided to read it another time. However, I think one of the beauties of books and stories is they can mean something specific to you simply because of where you are or what you have experienced in life. Others who have never watched Gilmore Girls or whose lives are in a more perfect place or who have never failed at something they are trying to chase in life or some other reason may have only liked this book rather than loved it. Recently as I have watched more reviewers on Booktube and read more people’s reviews on Goodreads I have wondered if I am not critical enough of books or if I need to have a better system for rating my books. But I have decided that if a book doesn’t have any major flaws and I really loved it, I am willing to give it 5 stars just for what it meant for me. Lauren Graham’s narration, where I am in life and learning more about Gilmore Girls (both the original and the revival) made this the perfect read for me and so I give it 5 stars.

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