Thoughts on Faith

Love Like Jesus Loves

I just want to remind you that Jesus loves you more than you can begin to comprehend. Your worth is found in Him. He is shaping you and making you stronger (even if you feel weak right now). You are so valued by Him that He died for you while you were still His enemy and He made you His child.

I also want to remind you to help others know they are loved and cherished. Don’t be afraid to message that friend that you haven’t spoken to in a while and remind them that you value their friendship. Life is short and only the Word of God and the souls of men will remain from this world. Encourage your friends and love them. Remember that Jesus values them so much. Never make them feel unvalued but love them like He does.

Finally, if someone has hurt you, don’t stop loving them back. Love in a way that the world views as reckless. Love with abandon. Keep loving even when it hurts because that’s what Jesus did for you.

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