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Where’s the Reset Button?

Do you ever wish that life came with a reset button? Even if it was just one. Like when you’re little you learn that everyone gets a reset, it’s useful for an up to six month redo allowing you to go back to exactly the same place you were six months ago; but with all the knowledge of living those six months already.

I have felt like that so many times before. Honestly, if life were to come with a reset button, I probably would have pushed it way too early in life and missed a really good opportunity. Maybe when I was 10 or 11 and thought my life was ending because I embarrassed myself in front of my friends, or when I was 13 or 14 and I realized that I had missed an opportunity to do something cool by committing to something else. I wouldn’t have waited for the times in life where things really went wrong or where there was a lot of pain.

I guess that’s why we don’t get a reset in life anyway. There is a reason that we cannot go back and change what has gone wrong. I am sure that Adam and Eve would have gone back and not eaten the fruit had they gotten a reset. I am sure that people would go back and change many things that God has used so wonderfully in His plan for us.

The truth is I like to be in control. I like to think that I have some way of making life go the way I plan. But I honestly don’t. I have zero control over what happens in life and only control over what I do. But God is sovereign and He is in control and He allows life to go wrong so that it can ultimately accomplish His plan.

There have been many times in my life where I have searched for the reset button and not been able to find it. But later (sometimes much later) I realize that God has used those mistakes to make so many beautiful things happen in my life and in other people’s lives.

I am slowly learning that I don’t actually want to be in control. If I were in control then life would go horribly wrong because I am not able to see the bigger picture. It is hard for me to let go and hard for me to accept when things don’t go my way. But then beautiful things happen and I realize that everything is the way it should be.

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