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Finding Just the Right Book

I am one of those people that is willing to read just about anything. I will try any genre at least once and I am usually not annoyed by clichés. I can enjoy books with bad writing if there is good plot or characters, books with underdeveloped if there is good writing or plot. Basically I am very easy going when it comes to reading.

However, there are times in my life where I will come up with exactly the type of book I want to read and nothing else will do.

This happened recently. I wanted a book that was fairly easy to read, with some feel good moments, that had a YA feel but wasn’t YA, I wanted it to be a plausible story–not fantasy, I wanted it to move me in some way but I didn’t want it to be sad. So I did what I always do and I phoned my best friend and told her that I was in the mood for a very specific kind of book and she tried to help me find that book.

We settled on Pride and Prejudice which I haven’t read since high school and we thought I might understand certain elements of it better now that I was an adult.

So far it has been perfect.

Does this ever happen to you? Are you a mood reader or can you read anything at any time provided it’s a good book? Let me know in the comments.

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