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The Blessing of Simple Bible Reading

As a Bible student I spend a lot of time studying certain topics in the Bible in depth. I’ll focus on specific passages or specific doctrines and do a lot of studying and learn a lot about that singular thing.

The problem is that sometimes I land up feeling like I am losing grasp on the Bible as a whole.

I get so bogged down on the particulars of the story that I forget about what the story tells me from a simple read through.

Today, while I was at a young adults Bible conference, I had the privilege of going through God’s word with a group of like-minded people and returning to the basics of simply observing certain Bible passages. Not trying to interpret or apply what it says but just seeing what the Bible said at face value.

It was something I haven’t done in a very long time and it was a good reminder of how beneficial the exercise can be.

I am grateful that the Lord allowed me to return to the act of simple Bible reading in a place where I didn’t necessarily expect to do so as a reminder of what a blessing it can be in my life.

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