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Life Update. Including a Soon-to-Be Wedding!

The last time I wrote or published anything for this blog was in September of 2020. Life has changed so much since then but it has been too busy for me to find the time to write. I even promised a friend a blog post that I just simply never got to (Kate, if you are reading this, I am sorry) because life became about priorities and writing was near the bottom of the list.

A New Job

God worked so wonderfully in my life towards the end of last year. I was starting to feel some anxiety about the fact that I was nearing the end of my degree and I was beginning to outgrow the job I had been at for the past several years. My dad encouraged me to pray about it and I was offered a position without ever having to do any kind of job searching. At first I didn’t believe that I would be right for, nor even enjoy, the type of work. But as I should know well by now–God knows far better than I.

Although I will not divulge the exact type or nature of my job as I work intimately with some people and have not asked their permission to share on a public platform, I am happy to say that I am absolutely in love with what I do and who I work with. The job is completely perfect for me.

I began training in November and I began working in January. I am so grateful to the Lord for how He worked in my life in this way.

A Finished Degree

After several years of hard work, I finished my bachelor’s degree in Theology just before Easter. I think at times I didn’t believe I would ever get here. To be honest, it hasn’t even sunk in properly yet. I am so excited to have finished and am taking the rest of this year to consider continuing with my studies.

A Fiancé

On 14 February 2021, my boyfriend of 17 months proposed!

A reenactment of the moment… no one was there during the actual proposal

Kyle is an amazing balance to my passionate, fiery, and loud personality. He brings calm to my world, is incredibly sweet and gentle, and speaks many words of wisdom when I need them.

We are super excited to be getting married in July of this year.

(Don’t worry. I will spend some future blog posts getting you properly introduced to Kyle and detailing our proposal 😉)

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