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    Why Should I Care About God?

    Sometimes we think of God as a far off being who takes no interest in our lives. We don’t think of Him as caring about our worries, desires, problems, and joys. We know that Jesus is supposed to be our best friend, God like our daddy; but this is just head knowledge that doesn’t serve us very well when deep down we think that God is actually just waiting to catch us out when we do something wrong.

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    Why Should I Pray

    I am a very logical and curious person and sometimes this can be to my detriment. It can also be difficult for the people around me because I will not be convinced that I should do something until it makes sense to me. This means that sometimes I won’t do something that I have been told I should be doing if I don’t understand why I should do it. Because I didn’t understand it, I have neglected to pray for a large portion of my life. I have wondered, for a long time, “Why should I pray?” Maybe you have a similar personality to me, or maybe you’re a new…