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Review: Little House in the Big Woods

Star Rating: ★★★★☆
Page count: 198
Genre: Memoir
Format I read it in: Paperback
Series: Little House on the Prairie #1

Iconic Quote

“They were cosy and comfortable in their little house made of logs, with the snow drifted around it and the wind crying because it could not get in by the fire.” 

Book Summary

TLDR: Laura is a little girl who lives in the 1800s, she tells the story of her life.

Full Summary:

Laura and her family live in the “big woods” in a little log cabin. Their life looks different to how life looks to us now and she tells stories of her dad hunting for their meet and her mom sewing their clothes. They live a simple but happy life.

My Thoughts:

My mom read Little House in the Big Woods and Little House on the Prairie to me and my sister when we were young. We used it as part of our school curriculum, making homemade butter and imitating other practices that Laura and her family did in their everyday life.

I’m a city girl and I am not American, so some of these concepts are completely foreign to me. These books aren’t even regular reading material where I live and most of my friends don’t know the stories. I was quite amazed when I joined online reading communities and found them to be a childhood staple.

There’s something comforting about these books, reading about simpler times and a happy family who relied mostly on each other. My mom bought the whole set to read to my younger siblings and so one day while sitting in her room I picked the first one up, I am eager to finish the series.

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