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21 Things to Do During Lockdown

South Africa is going to be in lockdown for 21 days and here are my suggestions for what you can do during your extra time at home:

  1. Read the Gospel of John. There are 21 chapters so you can read one each day.
  2. Write a letter by hand. Particularly if you know an older person who is needing some love and encouragement
  3. Knit/crochet a square. Many charities accept squares which they sew into blankets and give to the less fortunate. There are videos online which can teach you how and the website explains the details. A square is a very easy way to learn the art of knitting or crocheting.
  4. Pull out that old talent. Did you used to play an instrument, write poetry, paint, etc., when you were in school? Pick it up again!
  5. Turn off your screens. Take an hour or two each day to completely unplug.
  6. Read or listen to something that helps you learn. Watch a lecture series on the Great Courses or read a non-fiction book about a topic you are curious about yet know very little.
  7. Cook an exciting meal for your family. Because good food brings us together.
  8. Weed your garden. It will help you feel accomplished and get fresh air.
  9. Memorise Scripture. Hide God’s Word in your heart during these uncertain times
  10. Play with your children/siblings. They’ll love the extra time with you.
  11. Do a crossword/word search/sudoku puzzle. They’re more fun and challenging than you remember.
  12. Plan a budget. As many of us are facing uncertainty in our financial futures, use the opportunity to get your spending in order and start saving for an emergency fund.
  13. Take a nap. View this time as a blessing where you can get some much needed rest from your busy life.
  14. Clean out unnecessary items. Set them aside to donate when the isolation period is over.
  15. Start a journal. It could be a normal one, a gratitude one or a photo one.
  16. Do something active. Watch dance classes, walk around your garden, try an exercise app, etc.
  17. Read a classic. There’s a reason they’re classics, and a lot of the time we don’t get around to them. As an added bonus there are many available on Kindle for free.
  18. Have a picnic. In your garden or even on the carpet.
  19. Do something for someone else. In a time when everyone is calling for self love, take time each day to think of others more highly than yourself.
  20. Do the thing you’ve been putting off doing. I don’t know what it is but you do.
  21. Pray for our country. We need it.


  • Eliana D

    I love these! I have one to add: I flew a kite with my siblings yesterday at the park (because it was windy and we are allowed to walk where I live). It felt amazing! I would recommend that for anyone who can. =)

    • Amie-Jayne

      Thanks Eliana! Unfortunately in South Africa we are in complete lockdown so we can’t leave our properties. But that is a great idea for anyone who is in a country where they are still allowed to.

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