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Oh You of Little Faith

Who do you trust in?

Think about that seriously. Do you trust your mom, dad, husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, best friend, cousin, teacher…? 

Do you trust God?

If you said no, I would encourage you to read this

But I would guess you said yes. I mean after all, most of the people reading this blog have made a major decision: the decision to trust in God for their eternal salvation. 

You have decided that for a future you cannot see, cannot know about with absolute certainty, cannot fully comprehend because our entire human mindset only views that which begins and ends. You have trusted God for that eternity believing that you will have the most incredible experience imaginable because you will be with Him forever. You have done that, I hope, with some evidence, seeing that it is the only thing that makes sense. And so you have trusted God with your forever. 

But here is the thing. What about when you wake up every day and think ‘what am I going to do today’? Do you trust then?

Or are you like the Israelites who were told that they would receive manna every single day, to not gather more than they need because it will not remain fresh, and they decided that just to be safe, they would make sure they gathered some extra? (Exodus 16).

Are you like Gideon who doubted that God could use him for the work that he said he would use him for and set up several tests just to make sure? (Judges 6).

Are you like Sarah who did not believe that God could give her a son in her old age and so instead decided to give her servant to her husband because she did not believe that God was really going to be able to do what He said he would? (Genesis 16).

Are you like Lot’s wife who did not believe that what God had in store for her was indeed the best thing for her, and so she looked back on the burning city after she had been told not to because what if? (Genesis 19).

Are you sure?

Maybe you think you are nothing like those people in the Old Testament. “They were stupid for not trusting God when He gave them very clear instructions”, you say. 

But do you trust in God that if you give up those things you really like. Maybe certain TV shows, maybe some of your music collection, movies that are less than moral, some of your friends, or things that you are doing. Do you trust that it will truly be the best thing for you because God says that if you submit yourself to Him that He will give you life in abundance (John 10:10)?

Do you trust that if you surrender your whole life to Christ and choose to be a living sacrifice, doing what He asks you to do and following where He leads that there cannot be a better life for you?

Do you trust that God wants the best for you, that He doesn’t plan to give you a boring life and make you sit reading your Bible 22/7 while singing hymns for the other two hours? He wants you to live for Him because it is honestly what is best for you. Do you truly believe that?

You have the opportunity to be a shining light in your generation, to be someone who follows God no matter what and can be a part of God’s great mission no matter what. But do you believe this?

Maybe you don’t. That’s ok. I struggle with it too. Most of us do. 

But take a step of faith. Make the decision to live a life of submission, knowing that it will be the best decision you have ever made. Start trusting God with today, I promise He knows what He is doing.

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